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  Illinois Blue is pleased to introduce our new online Plan Rooms. Designed for customers who have the need to have their projects online. Read below for detailed information that you have got to see. Use our On-line forms to place an order, request a quote, or call us today and let us set up your project on-line 309-676-1300

To access our Plan Rooms click the link on the left for the appropriate project.

  To see the sample private room the username is (sample) and the password is (test)

Illinois Blue's Plan Room:
Project Management Redefined

From online viewing of drawings to faster print and distribution of Plans and Specs, Illinois Blue's Plan Room speeds every facet of construction project management.

  1. You send us your plot files of drawings and Word or PDF files of specs books via our FTP site.
    This reduces the cost of having to print intermediate plots or vellums, and it creates a much cleaner reproduction, since it's a first-generation print.

  2. We create a Digital Master of each drawing and specs sheet as it arrives, indexing and posting each update as it's received.
    We create your Plan Room, an Internet-based drawing system that enables you and members of your team to view online any drawing, at any time.
    Drawings are put into a View Only/ No Print program that's unalterable, yet allows everyone 24/7 online viewing.

  3. You, your team, or contractors bidding the job may order prints of drawings, subsets of drawings and specs books right from there desktop.
    Using our online order form, your print requests are instantly queued to our production systems for output of non-ammonia, direct-to-bond drawings and on-demand Specifications and Details books. Our digital production systems give you a range of output options, including colored paper and half-size sets.

  4. You track distribution of drawings via our Web site thru our Plan Holders List.

  5. You can order a CD archive at any stage of your project.
    We will burn CDs of your in-progress and "As Built" projects. Our WrapUp "As Built" CD–is unalterable, giving owners/developers and architects a fast, secure and cost-efficient means of storing and retrieving project files.

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic file transmission equals faster turnaround.
  • Real-time, 24/7 online viewing of drawings equals greater version control.
  • Online ordering equals shorter print production cycles and greater accountability.
  • All-digital production systems equal eliminated or reduced costs for intermediate plots, vellums and courier charges.
  • Direct-to-bond full- and half-size prints equal higher, first-generation quality.
  • Unalterable, burned CD archives equal greater security of intellectual property and reduced storage costs.




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